Millets Market Analysis in 2020

MILLET MARKET ANALYSIS: Millets are ancient Super grains, nowadays known as Nutri-Cereals, is the reservoirs of nutrition for better health. They are classified into major and minor. Major Millets( Sorghum and Pearl Millet) and Minor Millets(Foxtail, Proso, Kodo, Little, Barnyard Millet). They are predominantly gaining more importance in the world and in India. MarketĀ  Analysis … Read more

Utilisation of Finger Millet in Nutritional Security

To utilize Finger Millet for Nutritional Security we have to focus on the following points in the coming days: Crop Cutting of Finger Millet 1. To increase the production and productivity of Finger Millet: Awareness creation on the system of millet intensification(SMI) of finger millet as this the method is giving more yield as compared … Read more

Finger Millet Production- Important Factors and Constraints

types of millets in odia

FINGER MILLET PRODUCTION FACTORS AND CONSTRAINTS: SMI of Finger Millet Crop Cutting Experiment Finger Millet(Eleusine coracana) commonly known as Ragi. It is grown for grains and fodder purposes under varied agro-climate conditions in India. It is cultivated on a variety of soils from rich loam to poor shallow upland soils. To understand the constraints in … Read more