Best Ragi Muffins

RAGI MUFFINS: Ingredients for Ragi Muffins: ·         1 Cup Ragi Flour ·         1 Cup Wheat flour ·         1 Cup Jaggery powder ·         ½ Cup Curd ·         3 tablespoon  Cocoa Powder ·         1 teaspoon Baking Powder ·         ½ teaspoon Baking Soda ·         100 gm Butter ·         1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence ·         1 or 2 tablespoon Milk ·         1/4 Cup Choco Chips Preparation for ragi muffins: ·         Line muffin liners in the tart moulds or in the muffins tray. ·         Preheat … Read more

Best Ragi Upma

RAGI UPMA: Ingredients for Ragi Upma: 1. Ragi Flour-1 Cup 2. Curd – 50 gm 3. Chopped Onion 4. Cumin Seeds 5. Green Chillies 8. Hing(Asafoetida) 9. Chana Dal 10. Curry Leaves 11. Grated Coconuts 12. Coriander Leaves 13. Oil/Ghee Preparation for Ragi Upma: •Take 1 cup Ragi Flour in a bowl & add the … Read more

Best Ragi Cake

ragi cake

RAGI CAKE: It was the day of our daughter’s birthday, we thought of making a cake, that too with millet. We have taken Ragi (Finger Millet) flour for making this cake. The ragi cake came out very nicely. It was liked by the children as well as by guests who attended the birthday party. So, … Read more

Best Ragi Protein Ladoos without Sugar and Oil

RAGI PROTEIN LADOOS (SUGAR & OIL FREE):   Ingredients for ragi ladoos: ·         1 cups ragi flour – sprouted or plain ·         1 cup roasted peanuts ·         1 cup resins ·         5 green cardamoms or elaichi ·         1 cup soft dates(remove the seeds & make to small pieces) ·         Few cinnamons sticks(1 inch) Preparation for ragi ladoos: 1. Roast the ragi … Read more

India’s First Tabletop Millet Dehuller-SMF V3

TABLETOP MILLET DEHULLER-SMF V3:   Advantages: 1.Processes all kinds of small millets. 2.Higher head rice recovery. 3. Can process small quantities(even 0.5kg) 4.Retention of more nutrients. 5.Energy-efficient. 6.Compact, low weight, and portable. 7.Value for money. 8.Safe, easy to operate, and maintain. 9.Low noise. 10.Ability to operate for long hours. 11.Capacity:30 to 80 kg/hr depending on … Read more

Nutri-Cereals- National Workshop in Odisha in 2019 a Grand Success


Nutri-Cereals – National Workshop in Odisha: Inaugurating a national workshop on Nutri-cereals, Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy said Odisha is the first State to introduce millets in the public distribution system and Niti Aayog has recognized it as a model State in this regard. The Odisha Millet Mission, launched in 2017, has now been extended to … Read more

MILLETS Crop of the Future

Millets crop of the future

 Millets Crop of the Future: Millets are ancient Super grains the reservoirs of nutrition for better health. Millets (sorghum, pearl millet, and small millets) are important food and fodder crops in semi-arid regions and are predominantly gaining more importance in the world and in India. The government of India has approved 2018 as the National … Read more

Conserve the Ladybird Beetle

The Ladybird Beetle belongs to the family of Coccinellidae. Ladybird beetle is the natural enemy of many insects, especially aphids & other sap feeders. They lay their eggs directly in aphid and scale insect colonies in order to ensure their larvae have an immediate food source. A single ladybird beetle may eat as many as … Read more