Varietal Diversity in Finger Millet in Koraput

Finger Millet Varieties in kORAPUT

Varietal Diversity in Finger Millet: Finger Millet Varieties in Koraput                                      The Finger Millet is mostly grown by the tribal farmers of Koraput as it can withstand drought and can be grown in marginal and infertile soil. Finger … Read more

MSP of Millets – Bringing Hope to the Small and Marginal Farmers

Minimum Support Price of Millets: Farmer sowing seeds on his field The support for millets like Ragi(Finger Millet), Bajra(Pearl Millet) and Jowar(Sorghum) is increasing in a steady manner year after year. The Government of India has hiked the minimum support price(MSP) of Millets today based on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and … Read more

Experiences of Certified Farm Advisor on Millets

Certified Farm Advisor Programme: MANAGE, Hyderabad has launched a new initiative called the “Certified Farm Advisor/Certified Livestock Advisor” program to develop Agricultural Extension Personnel into Specialists in a particular Crop / Livestock. The program consists of three Modules. The first module is on basic aspects of the latest technologies in Crop /Livestock. The candidate enrolled … Read more

Millet Startups and Business Opportunities in 2020

”Millet Startups Ignition – Business Opportunities in Millets” Looking into the potential of Millets and its business in India, A webinar was organized by a premier agricultural research institute engaged in basic and strategic research on sorghum and other millets under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR)-Indian Institute of Millet Research(IIMR), Hyderabad on 23rd, May … Read more

Millets Market is Booming in 2020

MILLETS MARKET IS BOOMING: Millets are considered Superfoods as they are gluten-free and rich in many functional compounds like dietary fiber, slowly digestible carbohydrates, high protein content, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and phytochemicals. They are having non-acid forming properties, easy to digest, and non-allergic. Types of Millets grown in India Millets are mostly … Read more

5 Millets for Babies – Better to Include in the Diet

Millets for Babies

Why Millets for Babies? Every parent is worried about giving proper food to their babies as they turn 6 months old as they know the right kind of food is essential for the overall development of their baby. Millets are the healthiest and nutritious cereals for babies as compared to other cereals available in the … Read more