Conserve the Ladybird Beetle

The Ladybird Beetle belongs to the family of Coccinellidae. Ladybird beetle is the natural enemy of many insects, especially aphids & other sap feeders. They lay their eggs directly in aphid and scale insect colonies in order to ensure their larvae have an immediate food source. A single ladybird beetle may eat as many as … Read more

Guidance for Millets Processing Machines-Best Layout and Design

Millets Processing

MILLETS PROCESSING: The demand for millets is increasing rapidly due to raising health and nutrition awareness across the country. Entrepreneurs, SHGs, Government Institutions are exploring to initiate millet processing at their level. To establish a Millet Processing Unit we require different machines at every stage from cleaning, grading, removing husks, and making the final value-added … Read more

Miracle Barnyard Millet

Barnyard Millet

Barnyard Millet: Barnyard millet is a drought-tolerant crop and hence is grown as a rainfed crop. It can be grown successfully under partial waterlogged conditions. It is grown from sea level to an altitude of 2000 metres on the Himalayan slopes. The warm and moderately humid climate is good for raising barnyard millet crop. It … Read more

Browntop Millet

BROWNTOP MILLET: Browntop millet (Brachiaria ramosa (L.) Stapf; Panicum ramosum L.) is an introduced annual grass that originated in South-East Asia. It is grown in Africa, Arabia, China and Australia. In the US, it is mainly grown in the South-East for hay, pasture and game bird feed. The browntop millet, called korale in Kannada, is … Read more

Types of Millets grown in India

Types of Millets grown in India

Millets: Small seeded cereal grasses: coarse grains: Nutri cereals/ valuable food grains. First crops to be domesticated Suited for harsh environment Crops of Climate change: Next-generation Crops Nutritious food grains: Fiber, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B Low glycemic index Contain Flavonoids: anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-carcinogenic & gastro-protective. 9 Types of Millets grown in … Read more