Utilisation of Finger Millet in Nutritional Security

To utilize Finger Millet for Nutritional Security we have to focus on the following points in the coming days: Crop Cutting of Finger Millet 1. To increase the production and productivity of Finger Millet: Awareness creation on the system of millet intensification(SMI) of finger millet as this the method is giving more yield as compared … Read more

Finger Millet Production- Important Factors and Constraints

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FINGER MILLET PRODUCTION FACTORS AND CONSTRAINTS: SMI of Finger Millet Crop Cutting Experiment Finger Millet(Eleusine coracana) commonly known as Ragi. It is grown for grains and fodder purposes under varied agro-climate conditions in India. It is cultivated on a variety of soils from rich loam to poor shallow upland soils. To understand the constraints in … Read more