First Millets Processing Unit under Odisha Millet Mission in 2021

First Millets Processing Unit under Odisha Millet Mission – Inaugurated in Keonjhar District, Odisha: The Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas of Odisha (Odisha Millet Mission) was launched by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment, Government of Odisha in 2017 to revive millets in farms and on plates. It was the … Read more

Best Millets for Birds in 2021 with 10 Awesome Reasons.

Millets for Birds

Millets for Birds: In the last Kharif season, when I visited a research farm on Millets, could find net covering all over the crop field. When enquired, could know that birds were damaging the crops. No doubt, there were other crops, but the birds loved only Millets. Today, I thought of sharing about millets and … Read more

5 Miracle Millets for Diabetes to add to your Diet

Millets for Diabetes

Millets for Diabetes: Generally, our food contains cereals, pulses, vegetables, and fruits. But we have given more preference to rice and wheat and they have become our staple food in India. We have totally neglected a cereal which is a good alternative to consider i.e. Millets. Millets are small-seeded cereals belonging to the Poaceae family … Read more

”Millet Finder” shows more Opportunities in 2020

Millet Finder

”Millet Finder” shows more opportunities for Entrepreneurs: Millets are ancient grains that are healthy and nutritious due to their rich content of antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and other properties. I must say they are the ”Future Crops” because they are going to address important issues like food, feed, fuel, health, malnutrition, and climate change. With millets … Read more

Enthusiastic Tribal Inspirational Organic Farmer grows Millet in 4 acre

inspirational organic farmer grows millet

Inspirational Organic Farmer grows Millet: You must have heard the slogan “Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan”  by our second Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri. The slogan was to enthuse soldiers to defend India and at the same time cheering farmers to increase agriculture production. This endeavor was carried forward by a tribal farmer of … Read more

Special Yummy Millet Pulao Recipe

Millet Pulao Recipe

Millet Pulao Recipe: Millet Pulao Recipe is delicious, healthy, nutritious, and easy to prepare. Millets are good for health as it is gluten-free, rich in dietary fiber, and also helps in weight loss. In this pulao recipe, I have taken Foxtail Millet. But you can take Kodo Millet, Barnyard Millet, or Little Millet. It was … Read more

Best Millet Processing Machine in 2020

Millet Processing Machine

Millet Processing Machine: When it comes to millet processing it is a tedious job. As you know the demand for millets is increasing day by day in India and abroad. People are becoming health conscious and searching for the best quality millet grains. It is possible only with the advancement and up gradation in the … Read more

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