How Millet Food Festival ensuring Nutritional Security of Tribals in Odisha

Millet Food Festival

Millet Food Festival Ensuring Nutritional Security: Nutritional Security is achieved ”when all people at all times consume food of sufficient quantity and quality in terms of variety, diversity, nutrient content and safety to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life, coupled with a sanitary environment, adequate health, education and … Read more

Can we eat Millets daily in 2021 for better Health and Immunity

can we eat millets daily

Can we eat Millets Daily? The demand for Millets is growing as people around the globe have become more conscious about their health. Most of the health problems arise only due to the food we intake. The magnificent ancient grains taking their place in the diet plan due to their high nutrition profile. But while … Read more

10 Health Benefits of Millets will make you fall in love with it

Health benefits of millets

Health Benefits of Millets: In this busy world, we sometimes forget the good things, which matters a lot for our life and healthy living. We do not care unless until we do not need it again. The same thing happened with millets. It was the time in India when millets were part of people’s diet … Read more

5 Best Millets for Weight Loss

Best millets for weight loss

5 Best Millets for Weight Loss: People are nowadays are very health conscious and finding food which is healthy around the globe. The best food which comes to my mind is the Millets. Due to the modern lifestyle, health-related problems like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, Millet is the best gift for human beings as they … Read more

The revival of Millet Grain on Farm to Plates addressing Nutritional Security

Ragi ladoos rich in Calcium

 Odisha Millets Mission in Sundargarh: “Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas of Odisha” (Odisha Millets Mission)- Reviving Millets on Farm to Plates. It is a flagship programme supported by the Department of Agriculture & Food Production, (Govt of Odisha) to promote millets. It was launched in Sundargarh district in the year 2018-19. … Read more

Millets to boost strong immunity in 2020

 MILLETS ARE THE RIGHT GRAINS: We have heard the old saying ”You are what you eat”. If you are taking the right balanced diet, you remain healthy always. But we have forgotten the old millet grains which our grandparents were taking in their food and this has given us more lifestyle diseases. So in this … Read more

Differentiate 5 Types of Dehulled Millets with Clarity

Dehulled millets

Millets: In the beginning, it was difficult for me to identify millet grains after dehulling. But gradually, going deep into its size, shape, and colour, it became easy for me. So, today I thought to share with you about these dehulled millets and how to differentiate dehulled millet. If you want to know about the … Read more

Millet Grain Anatomy

MILLET GRAIN ANATOMY There  are three main parts in the millet grain: 1.Bran 2.Germ 3.Endosperm Bran: It contains important minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. It protects the kernel from pests, diseases, water, and sunlight. It is the multi-layered outer skin of the kernel. So, while processing millets utmost care should be taken to keep the … Read more