Best Ragi Protein Ladoos without Sugar and Oil

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Ragi protein ladoos


Ingredients for ragi ladoos:

·         1 cups ragi flour – sprouted or plain
·         1 cup roasted peanuts
·         1 cup resins
·         5 green cardamoms or elaichi
·         1 cup soft dates(remove the seeds & make to small pieces)
·         Few cinnamons sticks(1 inch)

Preparation for ragi ladoos:

1. Roast the ragi flour on low heat till you get a nice aroma of ragi. Set this aside to cool.
2. Put all the ingredients- roasted peanuts, dates, resins, and add the cardamoms seeds and cinnamons in a mixer.
3. Give a 4 to 5 pulse of the mixer
4. Add all the ragi flour in the mixer and give 2 pulses.
5. Transfer all these to a bowl and make a good dough with hands.
6. Roll it to round Ragi ladoos.R

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