Millet Laddu


how to make millet laddu
Millet Laddu

Millet Laddu is made of Ragi and other ingredients, which made the laddu rich in protein. Protein performs many important functions in our body. As we know, Ragi is rich in Calcium (344 mg in 100 gm), iron, zinc, dietary fiber (12-20%), and protein(8%).

Ingredients for ragi laddu:

  •         1 cups ragi flour – sprouted or plain
  •          1 cup roasted peanuts  (Bought from Reliance Store,-24 mantra groundnut)
  •          1/2 cup golden raisins
  •             1/2 cup black  raisins
  •          5 green cardamoms (Grind to powder)
  •             10-12 black pepper (Grind to powder)
  •            1 cup soft dates(remove the seeds & make to small pieces) or you can get packed dates without seed.
  •             Pinch of salt
·        Preparation for ragi laddu:

  1. Roast the ragi flour on low heat till you get a nice aroma of ragi. Set this aside to cool.
  2. Put all the ingredients- roasted peanuts, dates, raisins and add the cardamom and black pepper powder in a mixer and salt
  3. Give a 4 to 5 pulse of the mixer. Don’t worry if some small pieces of the ingredients are left out
  4. Add all the ragi flour in the mixer and give 2 pulses.
  5. Transfer all these to a bowl and make a good dough with hands.
  6. Roll it to round Ragi laddu.
  7. Store ragi laddu in an airtight jar.

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