Best Millet Biscuits making for Entrepreneurs to do Start-up Business

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Millet Biscuits Making Business:

Millet Biscuits


                              Generally, wheat is one of the cereals used extensively throughout the world for the preparation of cookies. But cookie from non-wheat cereals like millet is uncommon. Now day’s millets are gaining importance because they are rich in nutrients having a low glycemic index.
The demand for ready-to-eat convenience food products has been steadily increasing. The technology has made it possible to process millets into an easily acceptable, familiar form.
Millet Cookies are healthy, don’t contain preservatives, and, most importantly, taste good.

The Millet cookies making machine consist of the planetary mixture, cutting machine, and convection oven. In preparation for cookies, to reduce drudgery, enhance biscuit quality, and hygiene good manufacturing practices must be followed.

Equipment Required:

1.Planetary Mixer:

Kettle – 2 blades – Kettle shifter – Speed adjuster and height adjuster of blades – The capacity of kneader is 12 kg per batch. It is suitable for the food processing industry for mixing solid and liquid ingredients.

Accessories of the Planetary Mixture:


2.Cookies cutting machine:

It consists of a hopper in which sheeting rollers are inserted and beneath the rollers cutting dies are fitted. The function of sheeting rollers is to spread the dough into a biscuit shape.


Biscuits sample shapes from the cutting machines. The different shapes will attract the customers and we can also name the biscuits in different names.

Biscuits sample shapes from the cutting machines.

3.Rotary Convection Oven:

Rotary Oven is an advanced technology over convection oven. In the convection oven, the warm air is not equally distributed. In a rotary oven, the trays are rotated and it uses a built-in fan that forces the heated air faster inside the oven through the cavity and circulates it around the item being cooked. Therefore, a rotary oven cooks much faster than the convection oven and also cooks food at lower temperatures. The rotary oven consists of: – A cabin with racks -Trays -Oven cavity -Starter with temperature indicator

Going deep into the project, enquired about the cost of the machines from ARUN REGA BAKERY MACHINERIES PVT. LTD., Hyderabad. I have specified the model of machines and got the quotation.

The cost of the project will vary according to the model specifications.

I hope, the information above may help you in taking decisions for your new startup.

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Author: Tapas Chandra Roy, A Certified Farm Advisor on Millets, ‘Promoting Millets from Farm to Plate’. In a mission to take the forgotten grains- Millets to Millions. To remain updated on my blogs on millets you can join my Telegram Channel – Millet Advisor.

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