MSP of Millets – Bringing Hope to the Small and Marginal Farmers

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Minimum Support Price of Millets:

Farmer sowing seeds
Farmer sowing seeds on his field

The support for millets like Ragi(Finger Millet), Bajra(Pearl Millet) and Jowar(Sorghum) is increasing in a steady manner year after year. The Government of India has hiked the minimum support price(MSP) of Millets today based on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices(CACP). The price of Ragi increased from Rs.3150 to Rs.3295, Bajra from Rs.2000 to Rs.2150, Jowar(Hybrid) from Rs.2550 to Rs.2620 and Jowar(Maldandi) from Rs.2570 to Rs.2640.

minimum support price of millets
MSP of Millets Year Wise

The price hike in Millets crops will help the farmers to take the decision and plan accordingly in this Kharif season. Most of the farmers of our country depend on dryland farming and the suitable crops are the millets. This will definitely be helpful for small and marginal farmers.

As you know that the demand for millets is increasing day by day due to its nutritional value and immunity booster properties. The forecast of Millet Market in the global is giving a good signal for these crops which I have mentioned in my previous Blog

An initiative of Odisha Millet Mission:

The support for Ragi procurement in Odisha has given a boost in the mind of the farmers for the two consecutive years under Odisha Millet Mission. This year the Odisha Government has procured about 93,000 quintals of Ragi from the farmers at the rate of Rs.3150 per quintal. Farmers of Odisha will be happy to hear the news on an increase of Rs.145 per quintal in Ragi.
The Indian Metrological Department expects a normal monsoon this year and this will not affect the millet crops which are grown in dryland. The yield will definitely increase as farmers will focus more on these crops as they are sure of the price of their grains.
minimum support price of millets
Four Year MSP of Millets

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