Millets grains based on Shape, Size and Colour

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Millets are small-seeded grains with varied shape, size and colour. To differentiate them is a little difficult. At the beginning of my days, I was confused but when went deep into it, it became easy. So thought of sharing with you with a video.

Generally, Millets are categorised into two major groups. One is the major millet( sorghum and pearl millet) and rest are minor millets. Kodo and barnyard millet contains multiple seed coat.
So, looking deep into its shape, colour and size, it will be easy for Identification of millet grains.


1. Barnyard Millet- Shape-Concave, oval Colour- Straw white, Grey, Little Grey to Dull white.
2. Ragi – Finger Millet grains are 1-2 mm in diameter, with the colour varying from brown to dark brown in colour.
3. Sorghum- The seeds vary widely among different types of colour, shape and size. The grains of sorghum is classed according to pericarp colour(white, yellow, or red)
4. Pearl Millet: With ovoid grains of 3-4 mm length which can be a nearly white, pale yellow, brown, grey, slate blue or purple colour. The 100 seed weight can be from 2.5 to 14 gram with mean to 8 gm.
5. Foxtail Millet(Italian Millet, German Millet, Hungarian Millet) – Grains are about 2mm in length and the glumes can be red, black, white, yellow in colour.
6. Kodo Millet: Grain shape is elliptical to oval shape and its colour vary from blackish brown to dark brown in colour.
7. Browntop Millet: Seeds are ellipsoid to tan in colour.
8. Little Millet: Grain shape is elliptical to oval shape and its colour vary from grey to straw white.
9. Proso Millet: Grains varies in colour from white cream golden yellow, brown & straw white in colour. The grains are spherical to oval in shape, about 3mm long & 2mm diameter. The 100 kernel weight about 7.1g.

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