Ragi Idli – Soft and Fluffy

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Ingredients for ragi idli:

·2 cups idli batter (a fluffy batter)

·1 cup ragi flour

·¼ cup water + 2 tbsp warm (add 1 tbsp more if needed)

·Salt as needed

·½ tsp oil for greasing

Preparation for rag idli:

1. Warm-up ¼ cup water first. Add flour to a bowl and pour water as needed and mix well to make a thick paste.
2. Next pour in the fermented idli batter and salt. Use only a well-fermented batter. Give a gentle stir until just combined. The batter must be thick.
3. Set this aside for 15 to 20 minutes for the flour to absorb water.
4. Bring water to a boil for steaming in an idli steamer or cooker.
5. Meanwhile grease the plates and pour the batter into the molds.
6. When the water begins to boil rapidly, open the lid and place the ragi idli stand in it.
7. Cover and steam for exactly 10 mins. You may need to adjust the timing based on your pot.
8. Switch off and allow to cool.
9. Dip the edge of a spoon in water and remove the idlis using it.
10. Serve ragi idli hot with sambar or chutney.
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